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User Groups and Locations

User Groups and Locations are the main way to “tag” your content and organize your Users.

Users are assigned to a Location and User Group on account creation. The only default is Anywhere (Location) and Everyone (User Group).

  • If Lessons or Course Exams are tagged Anywhere/Everyone, then all Users can view them.
  • If a User is tagged Anywhere/Everyone, then the User can see content tagged with that setting as well as any content tagged to a smaller group.

You can think of User Groups and Locations as filters that sort your organization.

For example: You may have three locations (London, Paris, New York City) and three User Groups (Head Office, Sales, and Manufacturing). If you want some content available to all Users, like company background information or a handbook, you would list it for Anywhere/Everyone. But if you have manufacturing safety policies, you would likely tag that content as Anywhere/Manufacturing. And a handbook about safety procedures specific to a location could be New York City/Everyone. And finally, because laws are different between countries, you might have Paris/Head Office content.

In these above examples:

  • Anywhere/Manufacturing: All London, Paris, and New York City users (Location) who are in Manufacturing (User Group) would be able to see the content.
  • New York City/Everyone: All New York City users (Location) who are in Head Office, Sales and Manufacturing (User Group) would be able to see the content.
  • Paris/Head Office: Only Paris (Location) and Head Office (User Group) Users would be able to see the content.

Users are also assigned Roles which determine what level of access they have to your MonkeyLMS project. This determines what System Controls access they have, but not the content they see.