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User Access Issues

If a User is having trouble accessing or their account, you’ll want to review the User’s status. The User’s status is shown on their User page.

Active: This User has signed in and set a password.

Inactive: This User does not have access to their account. This status can only be set by an Administrator.

Invite Pending: The User has not yet accepted their email invite to join.

Temp Lockout: The User has entered the incorrect password five times. After 24 hours their account will automatically be reset to Active and they can log in again. You can manually change their status to Active before the lockout expires.

Perm Lockout: The User has received three Temporary Lockouts in a row. You will need to change their status to Active for them to regain access.

General Login issues

You can change your user’s password if they are having trouble logging in. Once they have logged in they can change their email by selecting the gear in the top right of the page, then clicking “My Account”.

Status: Invite Pending

Are your Users unable to find their sign up email?

Please ensure your Users have [email protected] added to their safe sender list. Ask them to check their Spam folder.

You can resend the invite email from the User page if the User accidentally deleted it or blocked it.

2-Factor Authentication

MonkeyLMS allows projects to require two-factor authentication. If it is enabled in your project you will be emailed a code when you attempt to log in. If you do not have access to your email, you will not be able to log in.

Users who enter the wrong code five times in a row are temporarily locked out (similar to entering the wrong password five times in a row). An administrator can update the user’s account to Active, and change the email address for the account if needed.