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Settings are how you can customize and manage your version of MonkeyLMS.

Project Settings

You can change the name and logo for your project at any time. Below the logo is the option to show or hide the project name in the top bar. You can choose to use a custom logo, or use the MonkeyLMS standard.


Your Billing Contact is listed here. By default it is set to the name and email of the person who created the MonkeyLMS project. But, you can update this email if you have a specific email address for invoices.

User Profile Edit: This setting allows/disallows Users permission to edit their own name and email in their Account page. If they do not have permission, only someone with User Management access can make changes to a User’s name or email address.

Features: Lesson quizzes, Courses, Learning Paths, and Points be disabled if they are not applicable to your MonkeyLMS project. When disabled they won’t appear to your users. Quizzes and Courses can be enabled or disabled separately. Points and Learning Paths require either Quizzes or Exams to also be enabled.

Customize Labels: We refer to content at MonkeyLMS as Lessons and Courses, but if you use Articles, Exams, or any other term you can rename the labels throughout our site with an easy text change here. You can also choose whether Courses or Lessons appear first in the left navigation bar.


MonkeyLMS allows you to enable 2-factor authentication for all users in your project. This requires that each user have an active, working email to retrieve the code sent on each login attempt. See our page on 2-Factor Authentication for details.

Be sure to save any changes you make on this page! Changes are only applied after a save.


You can change the default point value for all Lesson quizzes here. Previously created quizzes won’t have their values changed, but any new quiz will have the number entered here. You can modify each individual quiz value as well on the quiz’s page.

Warn if content is published without a quiz: If quizzes are enabled, we’ll include a warning if you try to approve a Lesson without a quiz. This setting lets you turn off that warning.

Retake on Failure: This allows a User to retake a quiz they failed.

Retake on Success: This allows a User to retake a quiz they passed.

Maximum attempts: This is the number of attempts that a User can make on any quiz. This doesn’t include any Manager or Admin using the “force retake” option (see My Team for details).

Reduce Points: You can reduce the points earned for retakes, and the percentage reduced. For example, if a quiz is worth 20 points and the correct answer is given on the second attempt, they would receive 10 points total. You can also indicate a maximum number of attempts allowed before no points are earned, even with a correct answer.

Passing Score: You can set the pass/fail value for any quizzes with multiple questions.


You can change the default point value for all Courses here. Previously created Course Exams won’t have their values changed. You can modify each individual Course Exam point value on the Course’s page.

You can allow users to retake Course Exams if they fail or succeed. If you allow retakes you can specify the number of retakes allowed.

You can show the correct answers (results) when the Course Exam is completed.

You can set the achievement ranks for the Course Exam based on a specific percentage earned by the User. The Failed rank will always match the minimum passing score.


See the Roles page for details.


Messages are the automated emails or notifications that appear on the site.