The Essential


For Your Cottager, Lake, or Road Association

Secure, 2FA-Enabled Cloud Storage For Association Notes, Documents, Pictures and Videos

An internal Resource For your Association Board

A knowledge retention and transfer system for new Board members, property owners and your ongoing Association

Easily Customizable To Your Association’s Needs

A screenshot of an example account with sample categories and dashboard page.
A screenshot of an example account with sample categories and dashboard page.
  • Do you sit on your Cottage, Lake or Road Association Board?
  • Did you wish there had been a better way to get up to speed on all the issues, processes, membership rules, past meeting materials and minutes, etc?
  • Are you concerned about how your Association Board captures, retains and transfers essential knowledge through time?
  • Do you feel that your organization currently has efficient practices in place with respect to its governance, knowledge management and document storage?

Perhaps MonkeyLMS merits a free trial by your Association?

Does the Association rely heavily on volunteer knowledge to run efficiently? Are your association policies, annual processes and everyday operating knowledge stored in your volunteers’ heads, laptops and dusty old folders?

How do you store and pass-on years of important legal and annual documents, events, agreements etc in your Association? The volunteer Board of directors rotate regularly and will for years to come.

Do you have a way and a place for Board members or cottagers to leave behind important issue notes and the like when they retire from the Board or otherwise move on? Capture what departing members know, and pass it along to their replacements…especially useful in those key portfolios!

Collect, protect, and store the vital information your Association needs to attract and retain new volunteer Board members and cottagers, and to remain successful, efficient and relevant long into the future.

Once your content is captured and securely stored in MonkeyLMS, it’s easy to access, organize, edit and add to.

Use it for Board members only or give each cottager a secure login as well. There is no limit to the number of users you can invite into your MonkeyLMS. Assign custom access levels based on the type(s) of users you want to set up. For example, Board members might have access to Board Meeting minutes, AGM packages, annual filings and financials, while property owners might access the events calendar, announcement page, regatta results and photos, videos, sailing school, swim lessons etc. Certain individuals can be assigned different admin permissions to edit, add users, etc.

  • all customizable to whatever makes most sense to your Association Board
  • so that your group of landowners and its Board, volunteers, members, or residents have ongoing access to everything they need, whenever they need it
  • on a private, secure and always available medium, far away from public access or scrutiny. Enable the optional (and free) Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature for even greater security… force it system-wide for all users or make it at the option of your users.

Modernize and improve your Property Owners’ Association…MonkeyLMS style! We give you a free month to play with set-up and to determine the types of Users, permissions and content categories you need…your platform is completely custom-configurable to your unique needs and wants.

Use as many or as few of our features as you need and want without worrying about cost… with our special Nonprofit Pricing the basic monthly price includes them all and covers your first 50 users.

From new Association members or volunteer onboarding, to changing regulations, to periodic announcements to daily work duties; unlock the simple power of MonkeyLMS.

Rest easy knowing that you, your Association’s Board and your fellow cottagers are being well-enabled in the ongoing business of the Association; and in chronicling the decisions, memories, photos and stories created by generations of its cottagers past, present and long into the future.