Upload and edit your company’s key knowledge quickly, create bite-size content with ease, and make that knowledge available to your teams in such a way that it can be easily found, learned, and retained.

With MonkeyLMS, company leaders manage knowledge efficiently in real-time, and always know who in their company knows what. Companies grow faster, are more aligned, see increased employee engagement, and are more agile with MonkeyLMS.

Humans are amazing. We can do nearly anything our minds are set to, so long as we know what that is.

Most organizations struggle to both harness and disperse key knowledge across their organizations.

Configure your MonkeyLMS exactly as you want it to best suit your organization’s specific needs.

Make it anything you need it to be:


A simple and secure repository of corporate procedure, policy, knowledge and other information for your people to securely refer to anytime, anywhere as the need arises.

...right on up to...


A fully gamified LMS with content, learning paths, exams, quizzes, points, teams, achievements etc.

Plan Your Learning Environment

A screenshot of an example project with sample content.

Define user groups by role and/or by location.


Establish categories for your learning content.


Create and assign tags so you can filter your content easily and show specific content to everyone, or just those who need it….you decide.

Create Learning Content

Upload and edit knowledge areas quickly whether it be company handbooks, operational procedures, policy manuals, government-mandated safety information, emergency or crisis response procedures, announcements, history, or other user-defined must-know information.


Gather up the knowledge content you need your people to know, upload it and transform knowledge into learnable chunks/lessons within one simple system. Easily embed documents, videos, attachments and web links as needed.

Learning Paths

Suggest (or require) learning paths, particularly useful for new onboards, by grouping numerous lessons into flexible course frameworks.


Highlight and reinforce key knowledge by creating simple quizzes for individual lessons.


Develop comprehensive exams to test and gauge learning retention across multiple lessons or categories.

A screenshot of a lesson editing page.

Manage Your Team

A screenshot of a team page showing progress and accuracy.
Import Users

Add your users in bulk with our simple invite tool.


Limit system access based on employees’ responsibilities and accountabilities. You define and create admin roles with varying levels of authority.

Manager and Admin Dashboards

Get the information you need at a glance. From progress leaders to popular content, MonkeyLMS dashboards keep you in the know.

Announcement Tool

Use this to post Dashboard announcements, events, or to deal with emergencies.

Deploy your Learning Content

LMS Environment

Launch your pre-designed learning environments complete with categories, lessons, courses, and exams to select user groups with the click of a button.

Automated Messaging

Know that your employees will be kept in the loop and engaged via a variety of automated messages.

Content Edits

Edit content on the fly and deploy changes to the LMS environment instantly.

A screenshot of the Learning Experience area of an admin account with several lessons placed for users to view and other lessons yet to be placed.

Interact With Your Team

Increase engagement. Build a culture of learning by enabling, at your option and no extra cost, our gamification tools including points, achievements, levels and leaderboards incorporated directly into the LMS experience. Boost knowledge retention from under 10% to up to 90% by pairing each content piece with a brief quiz.

A screenshot of the points page with the achievements tab selected.

Award users accuracy points for completing exams and lessons and track them via reports, teams and leaderboards.


Inspire healthy competition with the help of leaderboards. You decide whether rankings are by individual or team.

Track Team Learning

See who knows what across the organization by using dashboards. Insights from these dashboards allow managers to quickly understand where additional training might be necessary, track employee learning, and create more robust accountability loops within teams.


View a complete summary of individual and team progress across the system and at a glance understand where problems may exist.


Understand team engagement, comprehension and progress. Easily identify your top and lesser performers to allow for adjustments and corrections. 


Get a play by play of system, team and individual user activity. MonkeyLMS feeds you the data you want in real time.

A screenshot of a team Reports page showing progress and accuracy.