SMBs and Non-Profits: How a SaaS-Based Platform Outperforms Traditional Web Portals

SaaS-based platforms like MonkeyLMS offer several advantages over traditional web portals when it comes to running a learning management system (LMS) for SMBs or non-profit organizations. We examine four of the main reasons organizations choose MonkeyLMS and other SaaS platforms.

Faster Implementation and Deployment

MonkeyLMS allows organizations to save time by eliminating the need for extensive coding or software development. With a web portal, organizations would need to invest time and effort into developing and maintaining their own LMS from the ground up, which may be time-consuming, complex and require third party plug-ins needing ongoing maintenance. MonkeyLMS offers a ready-made LMS solution that can be quickly customized and deployed, and will require no further maintenance by you or your tech help.

Cost-Effective From the Beginning

Building and maintaining a custom web portal for an LMS can be expensive. It requires significant upfront costs for development and ongoing hosting, maintenance and domain name registrations. MonkeyLMS offers a cost-effective alternative as it operates on a low-cost monthly or annual subscription-based model, has no upfront investment, and requires zero ongoing maintenance or hosting by you. You benefit from all system improvements and features added going forward at no cost beyond the low subscription price. The constrained budgets typical to SMBs and non-profit organizations benefit from the remarkable affordability of MonkeyLMS.

Industry Standard Security and Updates

Security is a critical concern for any organization, especially when it comes to managing sensitive corporate and training data. With a hand-crafted website-based portal, ensuring all aspects of security falls perpetually on your shoulders, along with regular website and portal plugin updates, maintenance and renewals. MonkeyLMS has built-in security features, including 2FA access, regular backups and access controls to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your content and data. Additionally, as a SaaS-based platform hosted at Microsoft Azure behind its firewalls, MonkeyLMS regularly updates its software and security, reducing the risk of unwanted breaches and ensuring all clients are using the latest technology.

Flexible Features and User-Friendly Customization

MonkeyLMS offers a wide range of pre-built and customizable features that are essential for running a comprehensive LMS and knowledge depot. These include user-friendly interfaces, content and course creation and import tools, gamified assessment and tracking capabilities, learning paths, reporting and analytics. You can’t get any of this or be able to slice and dice who sees what with a web portal, and yet such features are essential to managing and delivering an effective online resource and learning program. MonkeyLMS provides them in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. That said, if all you need or want is a secure resource for employees, volunteers and new onboards to access your policies, operating know-how or technical specs with no tracking and reporting, then you can simply disable the features you don’t require. Growing SMBs and non-profit organizations can customize and manage their training programs the way they need them to be without needing technical expertise. 

Time, Cost, Security, Features: Everything Your Organization Needs in an LMS

The benefits of a SaaS-based platform like MonkeyLMS vs. traditional web portal are many. Whether you are looking to implement a system for the first time, or considering a switch to “simple, reliable and low-cost”, then let the MonkeyLMS content creation, import, editing and management tools get you up and running quickly. It will allow you to focus exclusively on your SMB or non-profit’s operating mandate while providing you with the feedback you need, and your Team(s) with the tools they require to get onboarded, stay current, and get things done your organization’s way every day.

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