MonkeyLMS is a great Learning Management System for small and growing businesses, but it is also a versatile and useful operating tool for all manner of Non-Profit and Not-For-Profit Organizations (NPOs and NFPs), Estate Management and Family Archives.

Perhaps all you or your organization really needs is a simple, secure, organized, cloud-based vault to store knowledge and documentation; for access and note leaving by those currently filling the various roles and by their future successors.

In those cases you may have no need for the Exam, Quiz and gamification features included with the MonkeyLMS License. Simply disable them in your settings and focus exclusively on content, layout and safe document storage. Make it as visual or as basic as you want using our onboard editing tools.

The following are just six examples of the types of Non-Profit organizations and Family use cases that are perfectly served by the MonkeyLMS platform and to which we extend discounted pricing.

Non-Profits, Charities & Clubs

Are you on the rotating volunteer Executive of one of these? Wish it had been easier to get up to speed when you came on board? Were all the ‘details’ of your role passed on to you or did you have to figure it all out as you went? MonkeyLMS can ensure a smoother transition.

Condominium Corporations & Homeowners' Associations

A screenshot of an example account with sample categories and board minutes.

MonkeyLMS is perfect for historical document storage and knowledge hand-off to new Board members and/or condo owners. Use for key notes and documents for everyday issue management and commentary.

Cottager, Lake & Road Associations

A screenshot of an example account with sample categories and dashboard page.

MonkeyLMS provides a fast way to get up to speed on all the issues, processes, membership rules, past meeting materials, narrative and minutes, providing peace of mind for new members and old.

Churches & Faith-Based Organizations

All faith-based organizations are largely run by staff and volunteers who come and go for a variety of reasons. How does your place of worship manage, maintain, use and transfer its operational knowledge when planned or unplanned turnover occurs?


A screenshot of a project with sample content.

Settling an Estate can take months or years to complete, based on its complexity. If you’re an Executor for, or family of a deceased loved one you’ll find there can be a lot of things to do, forms to be filed and documents to be gathered, prepared and stored. MonkeyLMS is the perfect Estate tool to help Executors stay organized and to get help from, and share the process with family.

Family Archives

MonkeyLMS is the perfect tool to organize, editorialize and store your family’s history; and add to it as you travel through life, making it a privately and securely available family resource for your loved ones now and long into the future.